JOURNEY Guitarist’s Rig Rundown (Video)

On November 16, Premier Guitar‘s Rebecca Dirks was on location in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where she caught up with JOURNEY‘s Neal Schon. In the 34-minute video segment below, Schon discusses his upcoming PRS signature guitars, how he uses his Axe-FX Ultra, and answers your Facebook questions.

Schon proposed to girlfriend Michaele Salahi during JOURNEY‘s concert on October 14 in Baltimore, Maryland. JOURNEY was performing at the “One Night One Show One Cause” benefit at Modell Performing Arts Center, when keyboardist Jonathan Cain continued to vamp on the piano while a choked up Schon brought Salahi onstage, got down on one knee and proposed. Following a tender moment between the couple, the band launched into its 1983 power ballad, “Faithfully”. reported that Schon, who was terrified that the ring would be stolen, had the million-dollar ring dropped off to him at his hotel by an armored truck. Salahi will become Schon‘s sixth wife. He has five children from his previous marriages.

Prior to hooking up with the JOURNEY co-founder, Salahi was best known for crashing a White House party with estranged husband Tareq Salahi, and a stint on Bravo‘s “The Real Housewives Of D.C.”

Last February Tareq Salahi sued the couple for $50 million along with $450,000 in punitive damages. The suit, which was eventually thrown out of court, alleged that Michaele had been living a double life with Schon for years, and set out with Schon to humiliate and defame Tareq. The suit came a day after JOURNEY‘s video “Resonate” was released showing the couple wrapped around each other in passionate embraces.



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