JOURNEY To Perform At Republican National Convention

According to E! News, JOURNEY is getting paid a whopping $500,000 to perform at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida on Thursday night (August 30).

JOURNEY will appear at Liberty Plaza, a tented concert space. However, the band is reportedly not making a statement of any kind by playing the show. “It’s an RNC event, but not one to endorse any candidate or party,” a source tells E! News. “I believe JOURNEY and also ZAC BROWN [also on Thursday] are described as nonpartisan but they aren’t aware of any of the details themselves. To JOURNEY, it’s simple, one of hundreds of private [events] they get hired to do.”

According to, Romney himself is not paying for JOURNEY, nor is his official campaign. A political action committee which supports him is funding the appearance.

JOURNEY is continuing to tour in support if its latest album, “Eclipse”, which arrived in May 2011.


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