When Lady Gaga released her second single, “Judas”, off the album “Born This Way” this past May, it was only a matter of time before someone combined the pop superstar’s song with the music of metal legends JUDAS PRIEST. According to Geekosystem, Australia’s Wax Audio did just that, mixing “Judas” with JUDAS PRIEST‘s “Painkiller”, to create the mashup “Lady Judas”. Check it out in the YouTube clip below.

Lady Gaga recently confirmed she wrote “Judas” about a former lover who “loved JUDAS PRIEST, loved heavy metal.”

In an interview with Britain’s MTV, she said, “I’ve had lots of ex-boyfriends betray me — assholes, we all have them — and in particular there was one who loved JUDAS PRIEST, loved heavy metal.

“Originally, I began to write the song about an ex-lover, who betrayed me, who loved heavy metal music and then as I started to write the lyrics, I thought about Judas and the biblical implications and how Judas was the betrayer. So I thought of a more beautiful and liberating way to tackle the message of the song — we attack the idea by saying my ex-boyfriend betrayed me and this person in my life haunts me but I forgive them and we’ll move on to make room for what’s good.”