JUDAS PRIEST’s ROB HALFORD Says New Album Should Be Completed By End Of Year

In 2011, British heavy metal legends JUDAS PRIEST embarked on the “Epitaph” tour, their final massive world trek ever, but that doesn’t mean the band is hanging it up. In fact, they’re working on new music and singer Rob Halford told VH1 Radio Network‘s Dave Basner what to expect from it.

“We have all the songs in our heads running right now as we’re speaking to you, we can hear them,” he said.

“It’s coming along really well.”

He continued: “We’re in no rush. It’ll be ready when it’s ready. What we will say is we felt it was very important to follow up ‘Nostradamus’, the last release, and that was a concept experiment and it was a real success for us and the fans loved it, but I think our fans and ourselves as a band, we want to get back to the side of PRIEST that we haven’t heard for a few years and reemphasize and remake those big, heavy metal statements again.”

As for when fans can expect to get the new PRIEST album, Halford explained that he and his bandmates aren’t going to set dates for themselves.

“I think that’s the best way to approach it, because it would be wrong to say, ‘On this date, at this moment, the record is coming out.’ But where we’re at now, we’re very, very confident and, going out on a limb, I would say that we should have it wrapped up by the end of this year. We’re forging ahead and everything’s looking good, and yeah, it’s looking right. So in the not-too-distant metal future, there will be new PRIEST to listen to.”


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