KADAVAR Debut To Receive North American Release In July

Fast-rising Berlin rock band KADAVAR will release its self-titled debut in North America on July 10 via Tee Pee Records. Boasting an absolutely killer sound that will find immediate appeal with fans of BLACK SABBATH, PENTAGRAM, SIR LORD BALTIMORE, WITCHCRAFT and GRAVEYARD, KADAVAR‘s thunderous gloom sounds as if it was “dug out and dusted off” and is the absolute apotheosis of the “SABBATHsound.” You might want to rock a monk’s robe or a space suit for this one!

KADAVAR is a big black shape with eyes of fire with an immediate sound that induces “chill and numbs from head to toe.” Cathedrals in fog emerge from the speakers as KADAVAR‘s heavy blues-rock, awesomely loud minor-key dirges and Geezer Butler-esque pressure roll bass lines create a paean to the dark mesmerizing power of the distorted blues. Howled vocals full of ominous messages expressing mental anguish and macabre fantasies fly over a seemingly endless supply of monster riffs and rhythm-section chug (including very subtle Ward-like jazz qualities!) that slowly envelope the listener in a hallucinatory haze. Handpicked by both SLEEP and PENTAGRAM as support on each of the Gods of Doom’s respective European tours this summer, KADAVAR‘s strutting style and warm, analog tones are sure to transport audiences to proto-metal oblivion. Heaven’s golden chorus sings, Hell’s angels flap their wings!

“Kadavar” track listing:

01. All Our Thoughts (4:38)
02. Black Sun (6:17)
03. Forgotten Past (5:41)
04. Goddess of Dawn (4:17)
05. Creature of the Demon (4:54)
06. Purple Sage (8:13)

KADAVAR features Wolf Lindemann (vocals, guitar), Mammut (Rivoli bass) and Tiger (drums).