KALEDON: ‘Steel Maker’ Video Released

“Steel Maker”, the new video from Italian power metallers KALEDON, can be seen below. The previously unreleased song is featured on the band’s forthcoming best-of album, “Mightiest Hits”, which will be released in January 2012 via Scarlet Records.

“Mightiest Hits” track listing:

Disc 1

01. Steel Maker (previously unreleased)
02. In Search Of Kaledon
03. Desert Land Of Warriors
04. The New Kingdom
05. A Frozen Dawn
06. Mighty Son Of The Great Lord
07. Great Night In The Land
08. Clash Of The Titans
09. New King Of Kaledon
10. The End Of The Green Power
11. The God Beyond The Man
12. Surprise Impact
13. Demons Away

Disc 2

01. In Search Of Kaledon (demo)
02. Spirit Of The Dragon (demo)
03. Thunder In The Sky (demo)
04. God Says Yes (demo)
05. Army Of The Undead King (demo)
06. Desert Land Of Warriors (demo)
07. God Says Yes (demo)
08. Thunder In The Sky (demo)
09. Desert Land Of Warriors (demo)
10. Home (demo)
11. New Soldiers For A New Army (demo)

KALEDON‘s latest album, “Legend Of The Fogotten Reign: Chapter VI – The Last Night On The Battlefield”, was released in July 2010 via Scarlet Records. The sixth installment of the saga started in 2002 was previously described as a return to the band’s power metal roots: powerful, melodic and extremely captivating. The artwork was created by renowned artist J.P. Fournier (EDGUY, AVANTASIA, IMMORTAL) and it perfectly depicts the band’s epic music as never before. Giuseppe Orlando (NOVEMBRE) produced the album.



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