KAMELOT Guitarist Says New Vocalist Fits The Band ‘In Terms Of Sound, Writing And Image’

KAMELOT‘s official Facebook page has been updated with a brand new interview with the band’s guitarist/mainman Thomas Youngblood. The question-and-answer session follows below.

Q: So how are recordings [for the new KAMELOT album] going?

Thomas: It’s going fantastic!! We just finished the choir sessions and they feature some amazing guests including Amanda Somerville [TRILLIUM, AVANTASIA] and Elize Ryd [AMARANTHE].

Q: Elize Ryd has been announced to guest on the album. Any other guests you can reveal?

Thomas: Yes, Elize has been part of the KAMELOT tour for two years now and we wanted to feature her on the new album. She sounds amazing! We have some surprises still in store for guests. Stay tuned.

Q: You signed new record deals for the new album. How did that come about?

Thomas: We were approached by many record companies. The offers were very good. In the end, we wanted to work with people that had the right vision for us now and in the future. The band is still growing and we are working with people that are 100 percent committed to KAMELOT and our fans.

Q: The new album’s been announced to recall albums like “Karma” [2001] or “The Black Halo” [2005]. Can we talk about a return to KAMELOT roots or will you keep something of the dark atmosphere of “Poetry For The Poisoned” [2010]?

Thomas: The dark mood will be there, but I feel we missed some melodic aspects in the music over the last few releases. The theme of the album is quite dark and the storyline is a bit dark, so to speak. The music came out really beautiful, lush, melodic and really special. Working with Oliver [Palotai, keyboards], [producer] Sascha [Paeth; EDGUY, AVANTASIA, RHAPSODY] and our new vocalist proved to be an amazing experience.

Q: Have you heard anymore from [former KAMELOT singer] Roy [Khan]?

Thomas: Before making the final choice on the new singer, we did correspond via e-mail. I know he’s in good health, working in Norway. When he quit KAMELOT, he also chose to quit the music business and seems to be very happy. A page is turned, it’s a new era for KAMELOT! It’s very exciting and I can already tell you it’s gonna be great.

Q: Looking forward to introducing the new singer to your fans?

Thomas: First, I have to say the fans will love the new singer. We love what we hear and that was the biggest test. Of course, there will be fans that hold on to the past and I understand that, but things change and you can either move forward or live in the past. I was humbled by the amount of singers that applied for the spot, some totally unknown and others are names that every metal fan would know. In the end, we chose the guy that fits KAMELOT in terms of sound, writing and image.

Q: Can fans expect more studio videos, like with the “On The Road” series?

Thomas: Since we are recording in different studios, it’s a bit difficult to do the “On The Road”-style videos. Also I feel it takes some of magic out and mystery regarding the studio sessions. We have a few clips we may feature on the bonus disc of the upcoming digipak and deluxe version of the new album. But the “On The Road” series will crank back up very soon; you will all get a sneak peek into the KAMELOT life on tour. And if you come to the shows, you will also be on video, if you want!!

Q: How many tracks on the new album?

Thomas: Looks like 10 tracks and some bonus tracks for each region. We will release a limited digipak, deluxe digipak, double-fold vinyl, and limited-edition box set with lots of goodies for the hardcore fans!!

Q: Will you play some of the new songs on summer festivals?

Thomas: We are discussing the setlist now. At the moment we have the idea to play at least one new song.

Q: At fall 2012, you will embark for a massive tour throughout North America and Europe. What can you say about it? And can we expect a world tour to follow?

Thomas: We plan to visit our favorite cities, bringing the new stage setup and lighting package. We also plan to visit new countries and regions that are not as frequently visited in 2013. Expect some serious and mega fun concerts on the horizon.

Q: Final words about the past months and the months to come?

Thomas: Thanks for the support of all KAMELOT fans, old and new, young and old and in every corner of the globe! Your trust and faith in us has been inspiring and with the new album and tour we will all celebrate together!



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