KATAKLYSM Frontman’s Restaurant Featured On TRAVEL CHANNEL

Albano’s, the restaurant owned in part by KATAKLYSM frontman Maurizio Iacono, was named the #1 Italian restaurant in the country by the Travel Channel‘s “Chowdown Countdown” TV show. You can now watch the segment below.

Iacono last year stated about his decision to open a restaurant, “Growing up in an Italian family, you always know someone that owns a pizza joint. My father was a head chef in New York, so I kind of grew up with it as well. I chose the path of music, but somehow the restaurant business has come to find me.

“I’ve decided to open a pizzeria with a very good friend of mine, Saverio Donancricchia. His family has been in the pizza business for over 20 years in Chicago with Albano’s Pizzeria in Cicero. They’ve ranked as a Top 10 Chowdown Joints on ‘Top 101 Places in America’ by The Travel Channel, so needless to say, opening the #2 location has been keeping us very busy!”