KEEP OF KALESSIN: New Video ‘Introspection’ Released

“Introspection”, the new video from Norwegian metallers KEEP OF KALESSIN, can be seen below. The clip was premiered last night (Wednesday, Marth 27) at the Indie Recordings label night at the Inferno festival in Oslo, Norway. “Introspection” shows the band from a more serious and mature side than before. The band also brings more of their ’80s inspiration into this track, with Arnt “Obsidian C.” Grønbech showing a lot more of his impressive solo skills.

Grønbech used the opportunity to reveal some unexpected news with the crowd at Inferno. Not only does the video show the band from a different side, but Obsidian has now also taken over the vocal duties after singer Torbjørn “Thebon” Schei seems to have disappeared in the African jungle. “We haven’t heard from him in five months,” says Obsidian. “He went to South Africa with his girlfriend and we received no life sign or answers to our messages. Instead of waiting it out, we just had to move on and I started testing the vocals in the studio myself, realizing my vocals were far from bad. I’ve always been the driving force of the band and I found it to be easier if I just managed to handle the vocals from now on instead of replacing Thebon with someone else. The worst part of this will, of course, be to do both vocals and guitars live, but it’s all a matter of practice, really. We now feel that this is the way to go and that the band is in fact stronger than ever!”

“Reptilian”, the latest album from KEEP OF KALESSIN, entered the official chart in the band’s home country at position No. 2. The CD was made available in North America on June 8, 2010 via Nuclear Blast Records.

KEEP OF KALESSIN took third place in the 2010 installment of the Norwegian national Eurovision Song Contest competition “Melodi Grand Prix”. The band performed a song called “The Dragontower”, which was originally written for the group’s latest album but had to be shortened from 5:20 minutes to 3:00 minutes for the performance. The full, unedited track appears on “Reptilian”.