KEN MODE: New Video Interview Posted Online recently conducted an interview with Canada’s KEN MODE during the South By Southwest festival in Austin, Texas . You can now watch the chat below.

KEN MODE has inked a deal with Season Of Mist. The band’s new album, “Entrench”, was recorded with producer Matt Bayles (MASTODON, THE SWORD) and was released on March 19.

Commented the band: “The only logical way to follow up on the success of our previous album, ‘Venerable’, was to put our noses to the grindstone and top that record in every way possible. With ‘Entrench’, we are convinced we have accomplished this. ‘Entrench’ is our most collaborative effort, and the most creative and sonically diverse album of our entire career. ‘Entrench’ sees us expand in both our handling of dynamics and general song and album craftsmanship; utilizing piano, keyboards, and strings to build on the classic power trio format. For this album, we have also enlisted guest vocal contributions from Dave Verellen (NARROWS, ex-BOTCH) and former DEADGUY/KISS IT GOODBYE vocalist Tim Singer. Both of them add another layer of icing to the metallic-hardcore-noise-rock-whatever-core cake we’ve baked.”

“Entrench” track listing:

01. Counter Culture Complex
02. No; I’m in Control
03. Your Heartwarming Story Makes Me Sick
04. The Terror Pulse
05. The Promises of God
06. Romeo Must Never Know
07. Secret Vasectomy
08. Figure Your Life Out
09. Daeodon
10. Why Don’t You Just Quit?
11. Monomyth

The “Entrench” cover artwork can be seen below. The sculpture is by Lil Duncan (a.k.a. Ben Bonner) and it was photographed by Ryan Klatt, with layout by Randy Ortiz.

KEN MODE was honored in the “Metal/Hard Music Album Of The Year” category at last year’s Juno Awards (the Canadian equivalent of the Grammy Awards), which was held in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on March 26 – April 1, 2012.

KEN MODE is a name synonymous with the Canadian hardcore and metal scenes. The band has effortlessly blended Amphetamine Reptile-styled noise rock with pure hardcore fury to become one of the Canada’s most crushing acts. In the process, it has built a reputation for itself through its unique brand of metallic noise rock as well as touring with musical titans such as MASTODON, PELICAN, CURSED, PROPAGHANDI, BARONESS and more.


Photo below courtesy of KEN MODE‘s Facebook page


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