KENZINER: ‘The Absolute Best Of’ Collection Available

Leviathan Records has just released a best-of collection from the progressive power metal band KENZINER, entitled “The Absolute Best Of”.

KENZINER features the soaring vocals of Stephen Fredrick (who went on to front FIREWIND and KINRICK) and guitarist Jarno Keskinen. Jarno wrote the amazing music that went perfect with Stephen‘s powerful-yet-melodic vocals. This collection features the best tracks from the band’s two releases, “Timescape” and “The Prophecies”.

Producer David T. Chastain states: “Jarno wrote some of the best music in metal. It is too bad that Jarno and Stephen did not record longer together as I am sure their ‘magic’ would have continued to produce more classic metal music.”

It is rumored that Jarno and Stephen have been writing new material together, although this has not been confirmed.

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