KHONSU: First Song Available For Streaming

“The Host”, a brand new song from the Norwegian progressive black metal outfit KHONSU, can be streamed in the YouTube clip below. The track comes off the band’s debut album, “Anomalia”, which will be released on August 28 via Season Of Mist. The effort will be made available as a CD digipack limited to the first pressing and hand-numbered double gatefold LP.

S. Gronbech, the man behind the mask, orchestrates the ancient traveller’s return. The last public appearance of the mysterious mastermind was the collaboration with his brother A. “Obsidian C.” Gronbech on KEEP OF KALESSIN‘s highly acclaimed “Reclaim” EP (2003). Being one of Norway’s foremost guitarists himself, Obsidian C. comments: “If you think that I am a good guitarist, wait until you hear my brother.” The renowned string wizard also produced and engineered all electric guitars played by his sibling in his own Morningstar studio. Adding vocals in an amazing range from the clear and gentle to the venomous and growling, Thebon of KEEP OF KALESSIN fame joins S. Gronbech in his dark quest.

Under their former name MERAH, KHONSU already performed at this year’s edition of the prestigious Inferno festival in Oslo. Even without an album out, the band from Trondheim was invited on the strength of their demo alone. Their musically and visually impressive performance gained the Norwegians excellent reviews. Now KHONSU reveal their true strength with “Anomalia”. Let this sinister blend of rock, metal, and electronic elements enchant you with its epic and desolate atmospheres!




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