Bullet Tooth Records is proud to announce a new Kid Liberty EP titled “GIVE UP. GIVE IN. to be released today on , and other online retailers.  We had the pleasure of speaking to singer Trey Sexton for an interview.


EP is available for $4.99 here


The band just wrapped up production with producer Geoff Rockwell (Memphis May Fire, Forever The Sickest Kids) and have 4 songs that will be available on the EP:

1) Give Me Alan Or Give Me Death

2) Fuck You (Cee Lo Green)

3) The Situation (Acoustic)

4) The Suspense Is Killing Me (Acoustic)

Singer Trey Sexton commented on the new EP saying, “It was honestly kind of scary to cover the Cee Lo Green song. The original is so good and everyone loves that song. We knew there was a possibility of butchering it, but it came out super fun.  The acoustic songs came out GREAT.  Very unexpected from us to be honest.”

With the release of their debut album “Fight With Your Fists” on Bullet Tooth last year, the boys in Kid Liberty have built a strong fan base with each city they play. They are one of the hardest working bands in the music scene today, attaching a positive spin with their music and constant energy.


The band just wrapped up a string of US tours including the HELLS on WHEELS tour. Says Sexton, “We’ve been friends with the Kills and Thrills dudes forever so the whole thing was a shit fest. We were pretty nervous to do a headliner… It actually turned out great. Very surreal.”

The touring experience for a band at the early stages of a career can be challenging to say the least. Trey commented that he has gotten really good at getting problems solved and helped the band get “out of horrible situations”. “It’s very important to have a good chemistry between the band mates while on tour”.


With pop punk heavy weights Simple Plan and Weezer showcasing guests artists on their recent tracks, we asked Trey if Kid Liberty ever considered having a guest artist on their record. “Man… To be real about it if we could have anyone I’m sure we would try to get either a tough ass rapper or a country singer… Alan Jackson is the shit.”


Trey’s influences include New Found Glory, NOFX, Saves The Day, The Movielife, The Starting Line, RX Bandits, Mest, Goldfinger.. “The whole Drive Thru movement was killing it when I was younger.. Lots of great pop punk.”


Cheers to Josh over at Bullet Tooth for hooking up this interview!