KILL DEVIL HILL’s VINNY APPICE: ‘I’m Not Into The Screaming Thing’

Courtney Devores of recently conducted an interview with legendary drummer Vinny Appice (DIO, BLACK SABBATH, HEAVEN HELL, KILL DEVIL HILL).

When asked about the formation of KILL DEVIL HILL — which also features Rex Brown (PANTERA, DOWN) on bass, Mark Zavon (RATT, W.A.S.P., 40 CYCLE HUM) on guitar and Jason “Dewey” Bragg (PISSING RAZORS) on vocals — Vinny said, “I had a long career, but since I was a kid, I wanted to have my own band. It was a dream, and it never really happened. I always wound up playing with SABBATH or DIO, and it always got in the way. . . It went from me by myself and getting Rex in the band, who is a known player, and then we got a deal. [I thought] ‘Wow. This is cool.’ We did a tour in a bus. We didn’t sleep in the car. We just got nominated for best debut album in Germany.”

Appice previously described KILL DEVIL HILL‘s sound is “like a cross between BLACK SABBATH, ALICE IN CHAINS and a little bit of LED ZEPPELIN thrown in. It’s heavy, but with a lot of cool hooks and melodic overtones, too.”

Vinny told “I’m not into the screaming thing. I like playing heavy loud music, but I’m not into that. I grew up in a different era where there was melody and harmonies. They don’t have to be nice. They can be weird and minor key and dark. Dewey can go for it. There are great melodies on the album and hooks. But yet it’s still dark. It’s not happy.”

KILL DEVIL HILL‘s self-titled debut album will be released via SPV/Steamhammer on the following dates:

U.S./Canada: May 22
Germany: May 25
Rest Of Europe: May 28

“Kill Devil Hill” was produced by Warren Riker, who is best known for his work with DOWN, CORROSION OF CONFORMITY, SUBLIME and CATHEDRAL. The effort will be available in a standard CD edition, as an iTunes digital download, and double gatefold LP.

“Revenge” audio stream:

“Voodoo Doll” audio stream:

“Time Time Again” audio stream: