KILLING RABIES Featuring LETHAL Members: EP Available For Download

While on a hiatus from the legendary power/progressive metal band LETHAL around 1999, vocalist Tom Mallicoat and guitarist David McElfresh wrote and recorded a batch of tunes under the band name KILLING RABIES; these songs were never released…until now.

KILLING RABIES‘ four-song EP, “Turn Of The Century”, featuring “Killing Rabies”, “Devil To Pay”, “Look At You” and “Step Inside”, is available for download at the band’s Facebook page.

Regarding these tracks, David stated: “Never performed as a live band, all the tracks were performed and recorded at home… post-wine, beer, whiskey, smoke and other insanity-inducing elements… We thought it may be about time to share some of the rock that was laid down at that time.”

LETHAL guitarist Eric Cook last year lost his battle with cancer.

The Kentucky-based LETHAL was founded by Tom Mallicoat and the Cook brothers, Eric and Glen. In 1990, after the arrival of drummer Jerry Hartmann, Metal Blade Records released their debut album, “Programmed”, which was instantly proclaimed a progressive/power metal classic the world over.

In 1994, LETHAL independently released “Your Favorite God”, a five-song EP (featuring new guitarist David McElfresh) which immediately sold out. “Your Favorite God” showed LETHAL going in a heavier direction, with such outstanding songs as “Waiting On The Kill” and “Hard To Breathe”.

LETHAL‘s last release, the album “Poison Seed” (1995), set new standards for progressive metal bands with its sheer musical brilliance, which featured “Down”, “Walking Wounded”, and the title track.

LETHAL played its first show in ten years at the Chicago Powerfest in 2007 and also performed at Keep It True and Bang Your Head!!! festivals that same year, as well as at Headbangers Open Air in 2008.



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