KILLSWITCH ENGAGE Frontman: How Music Saved My Life

Chicago-based non-profit Hope For The Day has partnered with Alternative Press magazine to release their sixth video segment from a series titled “Music Saved My Life”, starring KILLSWITCH ENGAGE. The video features the band’s frontman, Jesse Leach, discussing the emotional impact music had on his life and how it gave him an outlet to cope during the hard times in his life.

“Punk rock and hardcore was really the music that first spoke to me, and made me want to have a voice and express myself,” says Leach. “That music was definitely an outlet for my emotions, especially when you’re that young and still learning how to cope.”

The singer and songwriter admits to struggling with anxiety, depression and losing friends to suicide.

Each video project focuses on sharing personal stories from musicians and artists who have leaned on their creative outlets when dealing with difficult times, and present a story that any fan can relate to.

Hope For The Day and Alternative Press launched the series in October 2012 and previously featured The GASLIGHT ANTHEM, AUGUST BURNS RED, TITLE FIGHT, THE EARLY NOVEMBER and STICK TO YOUR GUNS.

Hope For The Day is a non-profit movement dedicated to educating youth utilizing music and the arts as a defense mechanism to suicide, by using an alternative approach that offers education, prevention and hope, through creative expression.

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