KING DIAMOND Bassist And Son Team Up With Danish Director For Christmas Song

KING DIAMOND bassist Hal Patino and his son, 20-year-old Danish rock singer Maryann Cotton (born Jackie Patino), have teamed up with legendary Danish movie director Martin Miehe-Renard to write a Christmas song. The track, titled “Cruel Christmas”, is dedicated to all the deployed soldiers that may never get to celebrate Christmas with their families again.

Hal Patino recently donated his trademark skeleton pants, skeleton shirt, top hat and cream Warwick bass to the Danish Rock Museum, which will open in 2014 in the newly developed creative urban area, Musicon, situated next to the Roskilde Festival site in Roskilde.

Patino used the cream Warwick bass to record everything he has done since 2000, including the upcoming album from his son.

Hal‘s clothes and bass will be displayed in glass cases where visitors will be able to view the items and listen to an audio track on headphones highlighting the musician’s 35-year career.