KING DIAMOND Bassist HAL PATINO Performs With Son In Denmark; Video Available

Danish rock singer Maryann Cotton (born Jackie Patino) — the son of KING DIAMOND bassist Hal Patino — debuted his new band on September 14 at Amager Bio in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The group’s lineup for the show consisted of the following musicians:

* Maryann Cotton – Vocals
* Hal Patino – Bass
* Sebastian Sly – Guitar
* Soren Berlev – Drums
* Ronni Clasen – Piano/Keyboards

The setlist:

01. Intro
02. Heaven Send For Me
03. Miss Misery
04. Get It On
05. Free Falling Angels
06. Night Train To Paris
07. Guitar Solo – Sebastian Sly
08. Halo Of Dust
09. The One
10. Die In Britain
11. Maryann

Encore :

12. Shock Me
13. Never”Waste”Land
14. Drum Solo – Soren Berlev
15. Jesus Christ Superstar

Encore 2:

16. Crazy

Video footage of the performance is available below.

Maryann Cotton‘s debut album, “Free Falling Angels”, was released on June 15 via Pure Steel Records.

Maryann Cotton‘s career was launched in 2006 when he performed live on Danish TV as part of the “Scenen Er Din” program (Danish version of “Star Search”).

King Diamond stated about Maryann‘s Shock Me” single (which also featured appearances by former and current KING DIAMOND members Andy La Rocque, Pete Blakk, Hal Patino and Snowy Shaw), “I checked out the Maryann Cotton song ‘Shock Me’. I really liked it. It reminded me in a positive way of Alice Cooper 1971. I think his vocals fit really well in the music, and the few backing vocals he did seemed to make everything sound a lot bigger. Normally horn sections really give me the creeps, but the way they used it in this song, I didn’t mind. Great musicians, of course. I really look forward to hear more songs from him, so I can begin to get the full picture.”




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