King Diamond coverband, THEM, shake things up in the Roadrunner office!

Singing as King Diamond in a coverband is one helluva role to fill, but Troy “King Troymond” Norr of Them seems to fill those Danish shoes quite nicely.  Just yesterday Troy checked by the Roadrunner Records office with former King Diamond bassist Hal Patino in tow to talk to AR and music fanatic Monte Conner. 

Monte doesn’t go easy on the frontman either.  Rather, he demands a few off-the-cuff vocals from some of King Diamond’s most classic (and impossibly high pitched) songs.  Check to see Troy nail the requests down pat!  (I especially enjoy “Abigail”!)

For a limited time only, Hal Patino- a man once on the stage and in the studio with King Diamond himself, will join Them for some select east coast dates.  If that’s not a testament to the band’s credibility, I don’t know what is.   Shows are coming up quickly!

May 19th – Gramercy Theatre, Manhattan, NY Get tickets here
May 20th – The Chance Theater, Poughkeepsie, NY Get tickets here

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