KING’S X Drummer JERRY GASKILL To Be Discharged From Hospital Following Successful Bypass Surgery

KING'S X Drummer JERRY GASKILL To Be Discharged From Hospital Following Successful Bypass Surgery

KING’S X drummer Jerry Gaskill is scheduled to be discharged this afternoon following a successful bypass surgery. The band says: “He’s moving slowly, but feeling good!”

Gaskill suffered a heart attack two weeks ago during the post-operation recovery while undergoing a minor medical procedure. As a result, all of the band’s previously announced shows were canceled.

This was the second heart attack for Gaskill, whose previous health scare occurred back in February 2012. Gaskill and his wife also suffered devastating losses during Hurricane Sandy, which killed more than 70 people and caused $50 billion worth of damage back in October of that same year. They lost almost every material possession they owned and were displaced from their home.

In a June 2013 interview with Classic Rock Revisited, Gaskill stated about his health: “I feel great. I’m literally healthier than I’ve been, maybe, ever. It took me down, man, it took me all the way down. A lot of it is genetic, my body just doesn’t know how to break down cholesterol, and over the years, the main artery to my heart got blocked… I was dying the whole time, but I’m doing great now though.”

Asked how the first heart attack affected him as far as having a new outlook on life, Jerry said: “I feel like I have another chance. I am more aware of my body and I realize, ‘Hey, this thing can give out on me.’ If I don’t have that, then I am not going to be in this world, I am not going to be here. Not a part of the people I love and care about and to share what that is me in this world. So we have to take of our bodies. I have become more aware of that. Life is just there for me now; I can just I can see more clearly. It just makes more sense to be around and to what it takes to be here.”