KING’S X Drummer To Resume Work On Solo Album

Before he suffered a heart attack and underwent an emergency operation in late March, Jerry Gaskill, drummer for legendary rockers KING’S X, was busy demoing material for his upcoming solo album with Nashville-based songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist D.A. Karkos.

In a new online posting, Karkos writes about Gaskill‘s upcoming CD, “As of now, we have 11 killer songs that we believe will be some of Jerry‘s (and my) best work to date. And when the time comes, we plan on having some very special guest musicians/friends lend some of their talents to the record as well. Needless to say (but I’m saying it anyway), we are very excited about all of this!

“And to quote Jerry, speaking of his recent heart attack and recovery from his public thank you video: ‘This is a really bad situation that I think has turned into a really good situation.’ There is no doubt in our minds that we we’ll see evidence of this truth on this record.”

In 2005, Karkos was guitarist and backing vocalist for Gaskill‘s well-received solo performances on the East Coast and became songwriting foil and producer afterward. He helped Jerry write and arrange the song “Julie”, which appeared on KING’S X‘s fifteenth album.

The Karkos/Gaskill partnership will bear further creative fruit in a 2012 album on EMMJAM Records.