KING’S X Frontman Releases Christmas Single

KING’S X frontman Doug “Dug” Pinnick has just released a special holiday-themed digital-only single via RockArmy Records and his own dUgtone imprint featuring the songs “Holiday” and “Ho Ho Ho”. This single comes right on the heels of the release of the first single from Doug‘s upcoming solo album, “Naked”, to be issued via RockArmy Records in the first quarter of 2013, featuring the songs “What You Gonna Do?” and “Courage”. Videos for both “Holiday” and “What You Gonna Do?” can be viewed below.

“Naked” will be Pinnick‘s sixth solo album, including two released under the moniker POUNDHOUND. Pinnick wrote, performed, produced, and mixed the CD and the new single on his own in his home studio in Los Angeles. “Holiday” and “Ho Ho Ho” were mastered by engineer and RockArmy Records owner Paul Soroski, the bassist for PODUNK, who have done numerous national tours alongside KING’S X, TESLA, and others. Soroski‘s studio credits include 2010’s “Dead New World” by ILL NINO and 2009’s “Reflections” by RAZR13, which features Pinnick on lead vocals.

Pinnick is best known as the vocalist/bassist for KING’S X, the influential hard rock act that also features guitarist Ty Tabor and drummer Jerry Gaskill. KING’S X celebrated 32 years of activity as a band in 2012 with a run of U.S. dates alongside KANSAS. The band’s most recent studio album, “XV”, was released in 2008 and was their highest-charting album since 1996’s “Ear Candy”. In 2005, VH1 included KING’S X in its list of “100 Greatest Artists In Hard Rock.”




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