KISS Guitarist Demonstrates Signature Guitar, TubeMeister 36 Amp (Video)

A three-and-ahalf-minute video clip of KISS guitarist Tommy Thayer demoing his new signature model Epiphone Les Paul guitar and Hughes Kettner‘s TubeMeister 36 amp can be seen below.

Thayer has been working with Epiphone on his signature guitar, tweaking the silver-sparkle top and a few other things. He says, “The guitar looks and plays phenomenally.”

The Tommy Thayer signature model Les Paul will be available in about two months.

The TubeMeister 36 is the latest in Hughes Kettner‘s successful TubeMeister series. It’s a great-sounding and affordable amp that Tommy‘s going to integrate into his live and studio set-ups along with the TT signature Duotone amps.



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