‘Kiss Pandas’ Promotional Video Released

The new “Kiss Pandas”, released by Street Players, are now available at Spencer’s and FYE stores.

A promotional video clip can be seen below.

The company has plans to release an entire line of “Kiss Pandas” items.

In a 2009 interview, KISS bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons said THE BEATLES helped set up the platform, so to speak, for KISS‘ merchandise market.

“The thing that I loved about THE BEATLES is they all looked like they came from the same Beatle mother,” he said. “It was like the perfect band in terms of look — merchandisable, eternal. Except they never trademarked their haircuts or anything much about their faces. KISS was the first band of any kind to ever trademark their faces. It’s in the Library of Congress.”

Which explains, he says, why KISS has so many merchandise items.

“We have ‘Kiss Kondoms’ and ‘Kiss Kaskets’. We’ll get you coming, we’ll get you going.”



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