KISS Rocks The ‘Kruise’ For A Third Night (Video)

The first-ever Kiss Kruise launched in style Thursday afternoon (October 13) from Miami, Florida with a non-makeup unplugged KISS sail-away concert. Over 2,500 Kiss Army members became inaugural members of the Kiss Navy.

According to, KISS took to the stage again last night (Saturday, October 15), bringing another smashing set of KISS classics and favorites to their devoted fans on the Kiss Kruise. Performing in a 1500-seat theater aboard the Destiny, there was no pyro, no bombs, and no fire… but the show was hotter than hell. With the band up close and in such an intimate space, fans enjoyed another memorable evening of music and fun.

Due to the capacity of the Destiny’s Palladium theater, fans aboard the Kruise received a ticket to either Friday night’s concert or Saturday’s, with each concert simulcast on the ship’s Lido Deck massive outdoor screen so fans had the opportunity to enjoy both shows.


01. I Stole Your Love
02. Getaway
03. Room Service
04. Two Timer
05. Comin’ Home
06. Strutter
07. Nothin’ to Lose
08. Love Her All I Can
09. All The Way
10. She
11. Take Me
12. Goin’ Blind
13. Parasite
14. Rock Bottom
15. C’mon and Love Me
16. Got to Choose
17. Lick It Up
18. Shout It Out Loud
19. Hard Luck Woman
20. Beth
21. Detroit Rock City
22. Rock And Roll All Nite

Video footage of the “Two Timer” performance can be seen below.

In a recent interview with Wallace Immen of, KISS bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons stated about the first-ever Kiss Kruise, “The Kiss Kruise is a chance for all of us — the band and the fans — to have a ball. Just let your hair down and not worry about it at all. KISS has always been about breaking the rules. We’ve never liked that moat — the stage — separating the band from the fans. So whenever we do a show, we try to take the action right to your face. A cruise will let the fans get up close. We try to take it inside you, we want you to smell it and taste it and feel it.”

When asked if the fans were going to get to interact with the band on the cruise, Gene said, “We’re going to have a deck up top to ourselves and we will certainly want to bring up fans. It may to a little difficult to get down to the lower levels and hang out a lot, because you’ve got 3,000 people on board, who are basically going to shred you to pieces. It’s all appreciated of course, and I say all this with tongue in cheek — I don’t mean my tongue in your cheek, but you know what I mean. The real idea of this cruise is to have fun. Everything about KISS is over the top. Everything about it is meant to really make every day we have above ground a fun day.”