KLONE: New Album Details Revealed

Poitiers, France-based progressive metallers KLONE will release their fifth full-length album, “The Dreamer’s Hideaway”, on October 5 via Klonosphere Records. The CD was recorded at La Fusée Des Resistants studios and was mixed and mastered by Franck Hueso, who has previously worked with such acts as HACRIDE and DEATHSPELL OMEGA.

The band previously stated that “The Dreamer’s Hideaway” would be their most accomplished effort to date, “It’s more psychedelic, more intense and more progressive than ever, the music instills a strongly mysterious atmosphere,” they said.

“The Dreamer’s Hideaway” track listing:

01. Rocket Smoke
02. The Dreamer’s Hideaway
03. Into The Void
04. Siren’s Song
05. Corridors
06. Rising
07. Stratum
08. Walking on Clouds
09. The Worst is Over
10. A Finger Snaps
11. At The End Of The Bridge

The song “Rocket Smoke” can be streamed in the YouTube clip below.


Yann Ligner: Vocals
Guillaume Bernard: Atmospheric Guitars
Aldrick Guadagnino: Guitars
Jean Etienne Maillard: Bass
Florent Marcadet: Drums
Matthieu Metzger: Saxophones, Keyboard, Systol Device




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