KOBRA AND THE LOTUS: ’50 Shades Of Evil’ Video Released

“50 Shades Of Evil”, the new video from Calgary, Alberta, Canada-based female-fronted metallers KOBRA AND THE LOTUS, can be seen below. The track is the second single from the band’s current self-titled album, released in August via Spinefarm Records.



Directed by Lisa Mann, whose previous credits include videos for APOCALYPTICA, THE USED and CASCADA, “50 Shades Of Evil” sees KOBRA AND THE LOTUS frontwoman Brittany Paige surviving a full-tilt attack on the senses, while her bandmembers run through the song like men (literally) possessed!

When asked what it was like to join forces with Lisa Mann, Paige said, “It was an honor to work with a director who is as exceptional as Lisa. Not only is she passionate, she is a true visionary. Throughout the whole experience she never ceased to amaze us. Lisa‘s creative flow is not only boundless, it is dynamic and organic. Her consistent level of enthusiasm charged the whole team.”

Canadian native Lisa Mann was keen to work with her fellow countrymen after hearing “50 Shades Of Evil” and feeling she could channel the primal aggression of the track in ways that side-stepped the more traditional touchstones of the genre.

“This band is super creative and up for anything,” said Mann. “I like that in a group. I met them before the shoot and briefed them on some of my insane ideas… like suspending [Paige] by strapping her to a railing 15 feet in the air, and they were totally trusting.

“I think one of my favorite parts of the shoot day was when we had [Paige] on the bed. We had the bed rocking violently with [Paige] on it as we blew her hair wildly. It was a tough scene for any artist to perform in, but [Paige] was such a pro she completely went for it and totally nailed it.”

“50 Shades Of Evil” will be released as a digital single on November 5. The bonus track is an acoustic cover of the DIO classic “Rainbow In The Dark” performed by KOBRA AND THE LOTUS during their acoustic session at the Bloodstock Open Air festival back in August.

KOBRA AND THE LOTUS currently supporting STEEL PANTHER on a number of European dates.

In a recent interview with May The Rock Be With You, Brittany Paige stated about the band’s sound, “KOBRA AND THE LOTUS is a traditional, straight-up heavy metal band. It’s not a niche, it’s just driving riffs, duelling guitars, there’s a melodicness to the music and there is a classic metal vocal. We are all about traditional heavy metal, but bringing in the flavors of our generation for a slight twist.”

She added, “Our music will always stay as heavy metal, even though it will evolve in some shape or form. But we all listen to such different things, which is a really great thing. There’s certainly death metal and black metal influences, we’ve got experimental and folk metal, there’s so many different things that come into play, and if you listen to the music, you can hear some of those coming through, but which you wouldn’t really pick up on unless you knew someone in the band was into Gary Moore, or the blues, for example, then it makes sense.”


Brittany Paige – Vocals
Jasio Kulakowski – Guitar
Griffin Kissack – Drums
Peter Dimov – Bass
Charlie Parra Del Riego – Guitar