Icelandic ambient metallers KONTINUUM have inked a deal with Candlelight Records for the release of their debut album, “Earth Blood Magic”.

KONTINUUM originated more than 10 years ago from a project featuring Birgir Thorgerisson (POTENTIAM) and Kristjan Heidarsson (ex-POTENTIAM, CHANGER, DARK HARVEST).

It was in 2010 that KONTINUUM was officially born with the aim to make hypnotic and spiritual musical noise.

“I wanted to make music I liked, honest music with less constraints and room for various genre influences but without leaving my musical roots, one that could surprise, tell me something and take me somewhere,” says Thorgerisson. “It was, and is, a spiritual process.”

After focusing on their other bands for a decade, they entered Sundlaugin Studio in Iceland last year to record their first full-length.

“We are honored and excited about joining the impressive family of artists at Candlelight,” says KONTINUUM. “We see our music as being diverse and perhaps not always predictable. That is why it was important to us to team up with a label that understood the source of the vision we express. We look forward to the release of our debut on the world and our future co-operation with Candlelight.”

KONTINUUM‘s current lineup is completed by Ingi Thor Palsson (I ADAPT) and Engilbert Hauksson (POTENTIAM).