KORN Plays First Full Show With BRIAN ‘HEAD’ WELCH In Eight Years; Video Available

KORN played its first full show in eight years with original guitarist Brian “Head” Welch last night (Wednesday, May 15) at Rostraver Ice Garden in Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania. Welch, who left the group in 2005, first appeared onstage with them for one song at last year’s Carolina Rebellion festival.

KORN‘s setlist for last night’s concert was as follows:

01. Blind
02. Ball Tongue
03. Twist
04. Chi
05. Falling Away from Me
06. Narcissistic Cannibal
07. Dead Bodies Everywhere
08. Coming Undone
09. Did My Time
10. Shoots And Ladders / Somebody Someone
11. Here To Stay
12. Kill Mercy Within
13. Helmet In The Bush
14. No Place to Hide
15. Need To
16. Lies
17. Another Brick In The Wall (PINK FLOYD cover)


18. 4 U
19. Get Up!
20. Got The Life
21. Freak On A Leash

Fan-filmed video footage of the show can be seen below.

Guitarist James “Munky” Shaffer told The Pulse Of Radio that he’s thrilled to have Welch join KORN on tour again. “Even more than any KORN fan, I’m probably more excited to see Head play the songs with us again,” he said. “I don’t know, I think there’s gonna be more with him up front again, and it’s gonna add to the live show, I think. ‘Cause now there’s another guy up there and it’s not just another guy, it’s Brian, you know — he’s one of the guys that helped create this band.”

KORN singer Jonathan Davis told The Pulse Of Radio he never felt completely comfortable without Welch in the group. “He’s like my other half, you know,” he said. “I got Munky here and I got, I always had Head there. It’s always been missing something. I mean, we’d been doing fine, we’ve had guitar players come in and everything, but you know, there’s that magic, you know what I mean?”

Welch left KORN in 2005 to become a born-again Christian. The band never officially replaced him and stayed a four-piece, although they’ve used several touring guitarists for live work.

KORN has completed work on its 11th studio CD and first with Welch back in the fold since 2003’s “Take A Look In The Mirror”.

Welch told Rolling Stone, “We knew we would have a blast playing together, because we love each other so much, but we really wanted to make sure the music felt right before we committed to making a whole album together. But since we got in the studio, everything just started pouring out, now I can’t wait until our fans hear this stuff!”

The band made Welch‘s return to the studio official with a new video posted online.

The new KORN set is due out in late summer and will follow up 2011’s “The Path Of Totality”, which found the group experimenting with dubstep.

The new record will feature four-fifths of the original KORN lineup, with only founding drummer David Silveria not on board.




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