KORPIKLAANI: New Song “Metsälle” Available For Free Download

“Metsälle”, a new song from Finnish folk metallers KORPIKLAANI, is available for streaming in the YouTube clip below. The track can also be downloaded for free at NuclearBlast.de(e-mail sign-up required).

“Metsälle” was originally recorded late last year when the band was competing to represent Finland in the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest. The track will appear on KORPIKLAANI‘s forthcoming eight album, which will be released this summer via Nuclear Blast Records.

Commented KORPIKLAANI‘s Jonne Järvelä: “‘Metsälle’ can be seen as kind of a prayer to the ancient gods to ask for luck for the tough hunt deep in the woods in cold winter time. Not only is the old man in the song praying for success but — even more importantly — for a safe way through the dangerous frostiness.”

KORPIKLAANI previously stated that “Metsälle” “is about the hunt on Hiisi’s magical moose in the Northland. He (Lemminkäinen) puts on his charmed ski’s and takes off for a prolonged hunt through forests and meadows, marshlands and woodlands, rapids and rivers. This song describes part of the Kalevala story, the national epic of Finland.”

The as-yet-untitled new KORPIKLAANIalbum will mark the recording debut of the band’s new fiddler, Tuomas Rounakari.

KORPIKLAANI‘s latest CD, “Ukon Wacka”, was released in North America on February 25, 2011 via Nuclear Blast Records.



Photo by Harri Hinkka