French one-man black metal project KOSMOS has inked a deal with the Canadian underground label Mulligore Production. The project’s “From Innocence to Perversity” CD will be reissued in digipack format on January 5, 2013. The album was mixed and mastered by Naja Atra at the Dithering studios. The artwork was entirely designed by XOV.

“From Innocence To Perversity” track listing:

01. Forsaken (intro)
02. Rebirth
03. Mental Slaughter
04. Darkness As Truth
05. Void Of Reason
06. You Will Rape Children
07. Nameless Bloodshed
08. Beloved By All Sinners – A Soulless Tyrant
09. He Was Priest (outro)

The track “Void Of Reason” can be streamed via the SoundCloud player below.

KOSMOS was spawned by mainman, all-encompassing composer and lyricist Nekros in July 2010.

“From Innocence to Perversity” was previously self-released in a limited number of copies, along with a specially designed t-shirt. This was the source of much enthusiasm from the media, resulting in coverage in multiple webzines and fanzines. It also got a round-up of labels approaching Nekros for offers, namely French label Mortis Humanae in September 2012. They reissued the album in a limited number of copies in tape format, along with the very first KOSMOS demo (“L’Antithèse”) as a bonus.

“From Innocence To Perversity” is a concept album about a child torn from the arms of death by a monk who found him abandoned outside in the middle of harsh winter. This child will then get raised in an incredibly uptight religious context, and will, in turn, have multiple other children to take under his wing within that same light of teaching, only this new monk turned into a perverted entity which will impose unforgivable wrath onto those unsuspecting young souls. The album describes each part of this monk’s journey in the form of chapters covering the progression of his regrettable story, from the moment he gets saved in-extremis right towards the day he becomes the master of abomination.



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