KRAANIUM To Release ‘Post Mortal Coital Fixation’ Next Month

Norwegian extremists KRAANIUM will release their third full-length of gore-drenched and perverse brutal death, “Post Mortal Coital Fixation”, on May 22 via Comatose Music. The album was recorded by Hannes Nystèn at Sweden’s Vomitation Studios and mastered by Colin Davis of Imperial Mastering.

“Post Mortal Coital Fixation” track listing:

01. Post Mortal Fixation
02. Stillborn Necrotic Fuck Feast
03. Bursting Rectal Sores
04. Compulsive Mutilation Disorder
05. Slurping the Vaginal Pus
06. Crack Whore Pounding
07. Coprophagial Asphyxiation
08. Slammed Kranial Remains
09. Sculptures of Perverse Suffering
10. Baptized in Boiling Sewage
11. Orgy of Cannibalistic Fornication
12. Entrails Full of Vermin (ABOMINABLE PUTRIDITY cover)

A teaser video can be seen below.

In support of “Post Mortal Coital Fixation”, KRAANIUM will join Comatose Music labelmates ATROCIOUS ABNORMALITY and COATHANGER ABORTION for the ComaTour 2012 this June.


Martin Funderud – Voacals
Vidar Ermesjø – Guitar
Mats Funderud – Guitar
Ian Slemming – Bass
Mitch Rider – Drums