KRAKOW: New Album “diin” Track Listing, Video Teaser Available

With their sophomore album, “diin”, due for release on Dark Essence Records on the September 14, Norwegian post-rockers KRAKOW have revealed the track listing for the album and have, at the same time, released a “teaser” video offering a taster of all nine tracks. Cover art for “diin” is by Thomas Hooper, the renowned Brooklyn, New York-based tattoo artist, painter and designer.

Formed in 2005 by Frode Kilvik, Kjartan Grønhaug and René Misje, KRAKOW‘s recording lineup for the album includes Misje on guitar and vocals, Kilvik on bass and vocals, Grønhaug on guitar, and Cato Olaison on drums. Additional drums on some of the tracks are by Iver Sandøy, while Grutle Kjellson (ENSLAVED, TRINACRIA) makes a guest appearance on vocals.

Commented Kjellson: “It was a great honour for me when KRAKOW asked me to do some guest vocals for them. From not being that much more than ‘thirteenth out of a dozen’ bands only a few years back, they have grown to be one of the most interesting new bands in the whole metal scene! Hard work, desire to make great music, and the fact that they don’t give a shit about ‘genre rules’ and such, have made them the avantgarde metal monster they are today. These guys are no copycats, they are the real deal! Watch out for KRAKOW!”

“diin” track listing:

01. Hymn To The Winds
02. Future Past
03. Termination Of Origin
04. Mound
05. Mark Of Cain
06. Possessed
07. Into The Distant Sky
08. Omen
09. Sense Of Space

KRAKOW, whose sound ranges from dark and evocative to fast and aggressive, recently announced the addition of KAMPFAR and MONDVOLLAND drummer Ask Ty Arctander to the group’s ranks.



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