KRAMPUS: ‘Survival Of The Fittest’ Album Trailer Available

Udine, Italy-based modern folk metal band KRAMPUS will release its first full-length album, “Survival Of The Fittest”, on August 24 via NoiseArt Records. The CD was produced by KRAMPUS frontman Filippo Gianotti at Udine’s Blackmirror Studios.

The band stated about the album’s concept: “Krampus, thewinter demon, has survived the repression of the modern gods. Born from shamefor the mankind decay, under the cold breeze in the shades of the alps, we joinhim in his dealing out of the fallible human’s just deserts. Like rootsbreaking concrete, we shake minds dulled by the weakness of present society. Wefight fearlessly for our beliefs, aiming to give back at least some of what hasbeen taken from mother nature. We kindle the embers hidden inside each andevery one of you, choked by the lies of nations: Embers of Honour, Pride, Traditions, and Freedom.”

“Survival Of The Fittest” track listing:

01. Arise (The Day Of Reckoning)
02. Beast Within
03. Unspoken
04. Rebirth
05. Aftermath
06. The Bride
07. Redemption
08. The Dance Of Lies
09. Kronos’ Heritage
10. Shadows Of Our Time
11. Tears Of Stone
12. The Season Of Revenge (bonus track)

A trailer for the CD can be seen below.

Shortly after the album’s release, KRAMPUS will embark on its first extended European tour, joining WINTERSUN and KORPIKLAANI on this year’s edition of the hugely successful Heidenfest tour.




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