KREATOR Guitarist Interviewed By TOTAL ROCK Radio (Video)

Emma Barnett of Total Rock radio conducted an interview with Finnish guitarist Sami Yli-Sirniö (KREATOR, BARREN EARTH) when KREATOR performed at this year’s edition of the Bloodstock Open Airfestival, which was held August 12-14, 2011 at Catton Hall in Derbyshire, United Kingdom. You can now watch the chat below.

In a recent interview with Aftonbladet journalist Mattias Kling, guitarist/vocalist Mille Petrozza stated about when fans can expect to hear some new material from KREATOR, “We will come to [Fascination Street studio in Örebro] Sweden in January to work on a new album with Jens Bogren. Jens Bogren is a producer from here who worked with OPETH and AMON AMARTH, and he’s really good; I like him. I like the sounds that he gets. And I think the combination — Jens Bogren and KREATOR — it will be pretty heavy.”

Regarding how the new material is different from KREATOR‘s previous output, Mille said, “We have five done and two skeleton-type sketches for songs. I don’t know how explain… It’s always a little hard for me to talk about music has been written but is not released yet. It will definitely have all the KREATOR trademarks. The lyrics will talk about nowadays stuff, as usual, so it will be like a photography of the year 2012. Also the lyrics will deal a lot of things that are actually happening at this point in time. It will be like reading a newspaper or something [laughs], with all the stuff happening. And, of course, the music will be typical KREATOR, and we also wanna expand the sound and progress as musicians. I mean, this lineup has been the strongest lineup KREATOR ever had since ten years, and now I think we’re ready to come out with an album that blows everyone away.”