KROKUS Drummer Quits

Drummer Freddy Steady has left Swiss hard rock veterans KROKUS. Guitarist Fernando Von Arb stated, “The split was not of personal nature but solely a professional decision. Freddy concluded that he really wanted to play music just for fun in small clubs rather than conquering the world, playing arenas on huge stages with pyro props, etc.”

He added, “KROKUS was always known to play large venues worldwide. When we get together, compose new songs and play them live we always think big — with a vision on an international level. That sets us apart from many other Swiss bands. Our albums are sold worldwide; then and now.”

When asked if this is the end of KROKUS, vocalist Marc Storace said, “We surely did not reunite in 2008 and carefully planned our comeback just to stop now! We enjoyed three extremely successful and productive years with exciting live shows and our new platinum CD, ‘Hoodoo’. This isn’t the beginning of the end for the rest of us. We have so much more planned for the future. We are in charge of our destiny and we will decide when the final curtain call will come. It will be with a big bang and fireworks. But that’s years away from now!”

On the topic of KROKUS‘ plans for the immediate future, Storace said, “We just started with the songwriting for our next album and as a creative balance some of us allow ourselves some time on our own to pursue other interests. Chris Von Rohr is writing another book and moderates in Switzerland a new TV show called ‘Tonspur’, Fernando Von Arb plays for fun some gigs with his cover band and I am part of ‘Rock Circus’ that tours across Switzerland. However, for all of us KROKUS always will be top priority!”

Regarding what KROKUS is seeking in a possible replacement for Steady, bassist Chris Von Rohr said, “With our three-chord music style, three things are of utmost importance: groove, drive and push/thrust forward. Like AC/DC, we are one of the few bands that deliver meticulously this alleged simple but never uninteresting brand of music. We definitely are not looking for a metal drummer. The whole groove has to do with feeling, kick and routine. For sure it has to be a top-notch professional that has the ability to give us rock druids a kick in the ass and a run for the money. An aggressor in a musical way.”

On what else is driving force to push KROKUS even more forward:

Chris Von Rohr: “The constant search for the even better song than anyone before, the better album than any previous one and the hottest live-set – that’s what pushes us continuously forward.”

On whether KROKUS is contemplating retirement as the band approaches its 40th anniversary:

Storace: To the contrary, we’re just getting warmed up! We can promise this to our fan base worldwide: When KROKUS announce the final countdown, it will be with fireworks and power music.”

Chris Von Rohr: Only the Gods of rock and health know when that will be. We are full of energy and have a massive desire to rock and we will do this again very soon!”

Marc Storace: We have various offers to play international festivals. Almost certain is a gig at the biggest Japanese rock festival with OZZY OSBOURNE and METALLICA. Regardless of the possible nuclear threats, we’ll fly there. We are highly motivated. After all, we are one of the few Swiss rock bands that really deliver on the international market!”

Chris Von Rohr: We want to finish the possibly last round with power, pride and gratification. That has nothing to do with money or anything else. Simply joy to play our style of music and the feeling we get at live shows when we pull the trigger — long stick goes boom!!!”

(Thanks: NJthrasher)