KROKUS: New Audio Interview With CHRIS VON ROHR

A new interview with KROKUS bassist and founding member Chris Von Rohr can be streamed using the audio player below. Chris talks about the “35 years of KROKUS,” from the beginning in 1976 to what the future holds, as well as his very successful career in the Nineties as producer and songwriter of another Swiss rock band (GOTTHARD) while on sabbatical from KROKUS.

Drummer Freddy Steady left KROKUS in May because he “concluded that he really wanted to play music just for fun in small clubs rather than conquering the world, playing arenas on huge stages with pyro props, etc.,” according to guitarist Fernando Von Arb.

When asked if this was the end of KROKUS, vocalist Marc Storace said, “We surely did not reunite in 2008 and carefully planned our comeback just to stop now! We enjoyed three extremely successful and productive years with exciting live shows and our new platinum CD, ‘Hoodoo’. This isn’t the beginning of the end for the rest of us. We have so much more planned for the future. We are in charge of our destiny and we will decide when the final curtain call will come. It will be with a big bang and fireworks. But that’s years away from now!”

Regarding what KROKUS is seeking in a possible replacement for Steady, Chris Von Rohr said, “With our three-chord music style, three things are of utmost importance: groove, drive and push/thrust forward. Like AC/DC, we are one of the few bands that deliver meticulously this alleged simple but never uninteresting brand of music. We definitely are not looking for a metal drummer. The whole groove has to do with feeling, kick and routine. For sure it has to be a top-notch professional that has the ability to give us rock druids a kick in the ass and a run for the money. An aggressor in a musical way.”