KRUDO releases debut album “Demencial”

Chilean metal band KRUDO will release their debut album ‘Demencial‘ via Digmetalworld, the album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Mario Ruíz at Acid Records, San Antonio, V Región – Chile and the art design it was done by Mauricio Javier González.

Demencial‘ contains 10 tracks of progressive thrash metal.  The band is preparing to release as a support of this album, the music video for the song ‘Asesino‘ by late February, in the meantime you can watch the behind-the-scenes video of ‘Asesino‘ below

The track list of ‘Demencial‘ is the following:

1. Hacia la demencia
2. Biotipo criminal
3. Cuando la mente se siega
4. Asesino
5. Desierto
6. Dueños del orden
7. Carne muerta
8. En mi agonía
9. Almas carniceras
10. Progenitor


Cristian Arriola: Vocals
Giordano Moglia: Guitars
Mario Ruíz: Guitars
Lucio Pérez: Bass
Roberto Zúñiga: Drums