KRYPTOS Frontman: ‘Watch Out, Posers. We’re Bringing A Leather Fist To Your Face.’

Indian metallers KRYPTOS will release their third album, “The Coils Of Apollyon”, on September 21 via AFM Records.

According to a press release, the CD was released in India “to huge critical acclaim with fans salivating at the bands ’80’s metal/thrash barrage. If JUDAS PRIEST, IRON MAIDEN, MERCYFUL FATE, KREATOR and CORONER all sacrificing themselves at a giant occult orgy is right up your alley, then this is the only album you should be picking up this year. With nine tracks armed to the teeth with ripping solos, catchy riffs and devastating production ‘The Coils Of Apollyon’ will make you tighten those bullet belts and raise the devil horns long into the night.”

Commented KRYPTOS frontman Nolan Lewis: “This is a real high point for us to sign with one of the best metal labels in the world and one that is extremely committed to heavy metal. We can’t wait to hit some grimy bars here in India to celebrate. We are incredibly thrilled to be on the same label as some of our favorite bands growing up, like the mighty HELSTAR and the legendary ONSLAUGHT. Something like this has been a long time coming and after over a decade of sticking to our guns our conviction is finally paying off.”

He adds, “Watch out, posers. We’re bringing a leather fist to your face.”

“The Coils Of Apollyon” track listing:

01. The Mask Of Anubis
02. The Coils Of Apollyon
03. Serpent Mage
04. Nexus Legion
05. Eternal Crimson Spires
06. Spellcraft
07. Starfall
08. Vision Of Dis
09. The Isle Of Voices



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