KURT COBAIN’s Hometown Rejects Naming Bridge After Him

According to The Pulse Of Radio, the people and officials of Aberdeen, Washington have officially rejected a proposal to rename the town’s Young Street Bridge as the Kurt Cobain Bridge. The City Council voted 10 to one on Wednesday (July 27) against the idea after it drew a strong negative reaction from residents. Several citizens who came to the council meeting to voice their disapproval, along with a number of council members, were not pleased with the prospect of naming the bridge after a musician who used drugs. The final vote was reportedly met with applause from the audience.

All was not lost, however: a small park near the bridge will still be named the Cobain Landing.

The bridge that would have been named in the late NIRVANA frontman’s honor is allegedly the one under which Cobain lived for a while in his younger days, an experience he wrote about in the song “Something In The Way”.

As previously reported, Facebook has denied that the cover art from NIRVANA‘s classic 1991 album “Nevermind” was banned from the social network because it contained nudity — specifically a naked baby floating in a pool. Reports circulated on Wednesday that Facebook had taken the cover art down because it violated Facebook standards.

According to NME, Facebook issued a statement saying, “The photo on the cover of ‘Nevermind’ does not actually violate Facebook‘s terms. Facebook does allow photos of naked children ‘that are clearly unable to stand on their own’ in a non-sexual situation — so in other words, babies. Why? Put it this way — if a parent wanted to share some photos of a newborn with their grandparents, we wouldn’t want them to not be able to share them on Facebook.”

“Nevermind” will be reissued on September 27 in both standard and deluxe editions to commemorate its 20th anniversary.