LAKE OF TEARS Tribute Album Detailed

The official Russian LAKE OF TEARS fan site and Fono Ltd. have released “Twenty Years In Tears – A Tribute To Lake Of Tears”, a double-disc tribute compilation celebrating the 20th anniversary of this legendary Swedish band.

The track listing for the set is as follows:


01. ATRA HORA (Russia) – Under The Crescent
02. SACRATUS (Russia) – Upon The Highest Mountain
03. GROBUT NEERG (Russia) – As Daylight Yield
04. ADFAIL (Russia) – Evil Inside
05. AGLAROND (Mexico) – Tears
06. MENTAL HOME (Russia) – RavenLand
07. TECTUM (Ukraine) – Dreamdemons
08. HEXENTRAUM (Russia) – Headstones
09. ZEROKARMA (Russia) – Burn Fire Burn
10. DOMINIA (Russia) – The Path Of The Gods
11. SATANATION (Russia) – Cosmic Weed
12. TARTHARIA (Russia) – Devil’s Diner


01. AWAKE IN SHADES (Finland) – The Four Strings Of Mourning
02. AGLAROND (Mexico) – Raistling And The Rose
03. SHADOWGARDEN (Sweden) – Hold On Tight
04. INSIDE YOU (Russia) – Forever Autumn
05. DRACONIAN (Sweden) – Demon You/Lily Anne
06. WAY OF THE SUN (Russia) – Return of Ravens
07. THE EQUINOX OV THE GODS (Sweden) – Let Us Go As They Do
08. THE MARY MAJOR (Sweden) – The Greymen
09. XICON (Switzerland) – Dystopia
10. HANDFUL OF STARS (Ukraine) – Sister Sinister
11. EGONAUT (Sweden) – Children Of The Grey
12. THE EQUINOX OV THE GODS (Sweden) – Planet Of The Penguins
13. EGONAUT (Sweden) – Floating In Darkness

14. Bonus: TYPE V BLOOD (Russia) – Burn Fire Burn

Audio samples are available below.

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