LAMB OF GOD Drummer: ‘It’s Important For Us To Reinvent Ourselves’

The Times Of India recently conducted an interview with drummer Chris Adler of Richmond, Virginia metallers LAMB OF GOD. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

The Times Of India: What do you think attracts people to heavy metal? The sound or the hard-hitting lyrics?

Chris: Heavy metal represents a way to let your feelings out in a positive way. It’s aggressive, but it’s fun. It breaks away from your normal life and helps you see things in different ways. Though it’s hard-hitting and addictive, it’s healthy, drugs ain’t. Genres like hard rock or heavy metal offer a home knowing that you are not alone.

The Times Of India: Tell us about your new record “Resolution”. How different is it from “Wrath”?

Chris: This is our seventh record and is way different from what we’ve done before. The best thing about “Resolution” is that it includes a style of everything that we’ve done before. So it’s like a collaborative album of all our previous records. We’ve been quite explorative in this and had more of songwriting. A couple of people said it’s much more aggressive than “Wrath”. I think it’s important for us to reinvent ourselves.

The Times Of India: A couple of reports said that this will be your last album. Is it true?

Chris: I haven’t hinted at anything like that and I hope this is not our last album. But yes, we aren’t getting younger either. Though we haven’t planned our next, we still love to write songs and make music.

The Times Of India: Where is the direction of metal music in the global scene? What will be the next big thing in heavy metal?

Chris: The focus should be on the player and not the machine. It’s not the sound that matters; how you connect with the song is what that matters the most. People have realized the value of song writing and are getting back to it. We’ve seen several bands copying different styles from other bands. There will be no room for copycat bands. Though I really can’t predict what will be the next big thing in heavy metal, the focus will be more on lead guitar and drums.

Read the entire interview from The Times Of India.


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