LAMB OF GOD Drummer Launches Signature VRUK DrumMaster Heel Plate

Drummer Chris Adler of Richmond, Virginia metallers LAMB OF GOD has announced his new, exclusive North American endorsement and distribution deal with VRUK Corporation, specifically in conjunction with the Chris Adler Signature VRUK DrumMaster Heel Plate — a vital tool for drummers looking to increase endurance and speed that Adler himself will be distributing exclusively throughout North America.

The Chris Adler Signature VRUK DrumMaster Heel Plate acts as an attachment to your current pedal setup providing heel support, rebound acceleration and control, the key factor of any drum technique. Today, Adler released a brand new video that shows what the VRUK DrumMaster Heel Plate is and how it works! Check it out below.

“In every aspect of my life, my intention is to seek out the very best. When it comes to drumming, I insist on it. I won’t use free because it’s free. I’ll overpay for the tools that allow me to exceed my own expectations,” says Adler.

“When writing the ‘Wrath’ album, I wore ankle weights to increase my kick-drum endurance and speed. One day after a long rehearsal, I took them off and one rested under my heel. I immediately noticed that securing and resting my ankle and heel while still playing heel-up allowed much more control over each stroke. I took the ankle weights on my U.S. and European clinic appearances and shared what I had found. I used the ankle weights under my heels every night on the following two-year world tour. Fast forward to the spring of 2012 and I began RD on creating a device that could attach to my pedal and provide consistent support and control. Mr. Vruk had beaten me to it and we were immediately in touch.

“The VRUK design allows for secure attachment to any pedal and grip and heel support system far greater than my homemade designs. I recently used them at the U.S. festivals that the band just played and not only did they perform well, I performed better. With my heel and ankle able to rest between strokes, my endurance and speed have noticeably improved. This product exceeds my expectations and helps me do what I love doing.”

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