LAMB OF GOD Frontman Is Learning Mongolian In Czech Prison

LAMB OF GOD frontman Randy Blythe‘s attorney Martin Radvan and clerk Tomáš Morysek spoke to about the singer’s continued detention in Prague, Czech Republic, where he is accused of causing the death of a fan at one of the group’s shows. Blythe was arrested on June 27 and is facing possible manslaughter charges in connection with a 2010 Prague concert at which he allegedly shoved a local fan off the stage. The man, who is said to have stormed the stage three times during the show, reportedly suffered a brain hemorrhage that resulted in his death 14 days later.

“[Randy] was in complete shock [when he found out about the fan’s passing],” said Morysek. “For two whole years he never knew that someone had died after the band’s concert in Prague and he had no chance at all to deal with it. I am convinced that if he had known about it, he wouldn’t have shied away from facing criminal prosecution.”

Blythe remains in custody in the Pankrác Prison in Prague even after his manager posted 4 million Czech Koruna bail (approximately $200,000), as set by the court last Saturday. But the bail system in the Czech Republic is not as rapid as in the U.S.

Although bail has been posted, the decision to release the singer is still subject to appeal and so it will take some time for the state prosecutor’s office to give approval.

“In every other country, the accused would have been released once the bail had been met. Unfortunately, this does not apply to Czech Criminal Procedure Code,” added Morysek.

According to Morysek, Blythe is slowly getting used to his stay behind bars. “There’s a Mongol with him, so Randy is learning some Mongolian phrases from him and the Mongol is picking up a few English words,” he said. “But he hasn’t complained about anything. We already went to see him twice. He is still quite confused about the whole thing.”

The crime of which Blythe is being accused is punishable by up to ten years in prison.

Once released from custody, Blythe — whose passport will not be taken away — is expected to immediately leave the Czech Republic and fly back to the U.S. where he won’t be considered a fugitive.

“The court, which decided the conditions of the bail, did not provide a condition that Randy will have to stay in the Czech Republic,” Morysek said.

Images below courtesy of Czech Republic’s TV Nova



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