LAMB OF GOD Interviewed In Bangalore

Earlier today (Friday, May 25), Aniruddh “Andrew” Bansal of Metal Assault conducted an interview with Richmond, Virginia metallers LAMB OF GOD after their press conference in Bangalore, India ahead of the band’s concert at the city’s Clarks Exotica tomorrow. A couple of excerpts from the question-and-answer session follow below.

Metal Assault: LAMB OF GOD is such a popular band these days that you play big shows everywhere. Do you guys sometimes miss the smaller shows that you used to do back in the day?

Chris Adler (drums): We started the “Resolution” touring cycle in January. We did a week-long run of the U.S. East Coast doing smaller shows, and it was a lot of fun to get back to that. It was good for us to get warmed up again because we had taken time off to write the record and we needed a bit of practice live. But yeah, for me personally, those shows are great, and even the small theaters are great. When we get into the festivals, those are great picture opportunities and great to tell your mom about [laughs], but it’s not very exciting for the metal fan. The energy in the smaller places and theaters is really tangible. It’s a special event for the band and for the fans, because the energy is trapped in such a small place. So for me that’s a lot more fun. Of course, I’m not going to say no to a METALLICA arena tour, but the stuff that we choose to do in the U.S. normally stays in those smaller-sized venues.

Metal Assault: You guys mentioned in the press conference that you’re shooting a documentary on this tour. But, of course, I’ve seen your old documentaries like “Killadelphia”. So I was curious to know, when the crew is shooting you guys, does that affect you? Does it change your way of going about things while touring?

Willie Adler (guitar): I think we’ve come to a point that the camera and the cameraman are almost invisible. They’re basically one of the five of us. This is me personally, but when we were shooting “Killadephia”, not that we’ve been shooting that long on this current one, but when we did all the work with Doug Spangenberg, he was basically part of the family and part of the crew, where the camera became invisible. It didn’t even feel like there was actual filming going on.

Metal Assault: That’s cool. But is it important for you guys to keep it real? Sometimes band documentaries are glorified, and it doesn’t give you the real picture of what it’s like.

Chris Adler: Yes, it is very important. We were talking about the “Killadelphia” DVD earlier, and I think some of the stuff that we decided to keep in the DVD did more for our music career than any album did. And that was by keeping it real and not just showing the limos, girls and stuff like that. There’s fist fights and band drama all the time. That’s what real life is about, no matter what you do. But this new documentary is a little different than that one. We’re not really focusing on the band. We’re focusing on the fans a little bit more. Of course it will show the band, but not in a glamorous way. Most of the places that we’re going to with the film crew are places like here, Israel, and we just did South America. So it’s not the big Los Angeles “rich-people” kind of scene. So it will show a different side of the world, and hopefully it will also show a different side of the band as well, as we interact and learn more about ourselves and the people we’re playing to.

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