LANFEAR: New Album Title Announced

German power metal band LANFEAR has set “This Harmonic Consonance” as the title of its sixth album, due later in the year. According to the group, the forthcoming CD “will contain nine songs plus intro” and is described by the band as “the heaviest LANFEAR album to date.” LANFEAR adds, “Of course, we know that every band tells the same on their new material. Since we never did so, it seems as if you can really trust us. We’d never lie to you…”

The first trailer for “This Harmonic Consonance” can be viewed below.

LANFEAR‘s fifth album, “X to the Power of Ten”, was released in August 2008 via Locomotive Records.

The band’s fourth CD, “Another Golden Rage” (2005), was recorded at Dreamscape studios and featured a lyrical theme that was a continuation of the story which began on the title track of 2003’s “The Art Effect”.

According to LANFEAR‘s official bio, the band “play[s] powerful and melodic metal with a progressive edge. Originality, subliminal details and intelligent songwriting combined with haunting melodies and the constant urge to evolve — that’s what it’s all about! Certainly not the easy way to success in the superficial pseudo-scene of these days — but LANFEAR don’t give a fuck! No breakdowns, no kilts, no horns, no makeup, no image, no rockstar-dom, no support by mass media — no hot air! LANFEAR play[s] 100% underrated metal exclusively!”