LARS ULRICH: ‘I Don’t Think I’ll Ever Be Bored Of Being In METALLICA’

In the latest issue of U.K.’s Metal Hammer magazine (order a copy at this location), METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich talks about the band’s next album, their upcoming 3D film spectacular and the longterm future of the biggest metal band in the world. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Metal Hammer: Do you ever think there’ll be a day when you wake up and go, “You know what? I’m bored of being in METALLICA“?

Lars: I don’t think I’ll ever be bored of being in METALLICA. I think that one of two things can happen. One, is the physicality of what we do — if we don’t have the strength to do it physically anymore. We will always have the strength to do it mentally, so I’m not worried about that. But if there ever comes a time when we feel that it’s not going on all 12 cylinders, then I hope that we have the guts to walk away from it. The other thing that could happen is that you decide you want to pursue something else: “I’m really interested in film” or “I’m really interested in painting.” Is there a chance that when I’m 55, I’ll want to write a movie? Or that James Hetfield will want to make a country record? Or that Kirk Hammett will want to go surfing for a year? But I don’t think I’ll ever wake up and go, “I’m bored of being in METALLICA,” because of the nature of who we are as people, and the dynamics in our personalities. We always make it interesting for ourselves. That’s why we do crazy shit like “Some Kind Of Monster” and the 3D movies. We throw ourselves these challenges. It’s to make sure that boredom never sets in.

Metal Hammer: What do you think the 18-year-old Lars Ulrich would make of the 48-year-old version of himself?

Lars: I think he’d think that he’s alright. He does a pretty good job of keeping it real and dealing with all the things he does. I realized that I say one phrase quite often: “I’m doing the best I can.” I think the 18-year-old would look at the 48-year-old and go, “He’s doing the best he can!”


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