Lawsuit Seeks To Stop Counterfeit RUSH Merchandise

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the official merchandiser for Canadian rockers RUSH has filed a lawsuit to get a judge’s order that it can use to direct federal marshals, and authorize local and state police and agents hired by the company to seize bootleg T-shirts and similar items during the band’s U.S. tour.

The lawsuit, filed by Ontario, Canada-based Showtech Merchandising Inc., was authored by New Jersey attorney Jules Zalon, who said he has “gotten probably 250 or 300 of these types of orders” on behalf of entertainment acts. “These days bands make more money from merchandise than from concert tickets,” he told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

In August 2010, Live Nation filed a lawsuit against several “John Does” in advance of that month’s Ozzfest in Devore, California. (“John Doe” is a term used in lawsuits for individuals whose actual names are not yet known.) Live Nation was attempting to get a court order that would have federal and local law enforcement authorities seize and impound trademark-infringing gear at Ozzy Osbourne‘s travelling festival.


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