As I Lay Dying Announces “Decas” EP Chart Positions

As I Lay Dying’s latest release, the “Decas” EP, is a collection of new tracks, covers, remixes, and more, which reached #2 on the iTunes Rock chart and landed at #61 on Billboard’s Top 200 in its debut week. iTunes also offered a free track (“Paralyzed”), which was downloaded by a staggering 125,000 people in one week.

Meant to tide fans over until the release of the band’s new studio LP (due for release next year), the “Decas” EP marks As I Lay Dying’s decade of making music and features 3 new songs, 3 cover songs, remixes, and more.

As vocalist Tim Lambesis explains, “We wanted to at least do an EP when the idea first came up. We were touring at the time and knew we wouldn’t have time to put together an entire album of new material. Decas literally means ten, and to me it is a collection of songs to celebrate our ten-year anniversary as a band. We were able to round up three new songs that we felt represented the different sides to our band. There’s a song you’d generally expect from us, one on the heavier side, and then one of the most melodic songs we’ve ever done. We took a similar approach on the cover songs. We wanted one song that represented a thrashier, heavier influence. Interestingly enough we were asked to do a Slayer cover song with an anti-war theme for a video game months earlier, so that worked out perfectly. Next, we represented the melodic guitar influence with Judas Priest who is responsible for starting much of that within metal. Lastly, I came up with the idea to do a simple, raw, energetic song that was outside of our genre but still influential in some of our musical upbringing.”

The chart positions are as follows:

#61 – Top 200
#12 Independent
#6 Hard Music Albums
#37 Current digital album
11/08 iTunes Chart US:
AILD #2 iTunes ROCK Chart

#55 Top 200 Current Albums
#6 Hard Music Charts
#30 Top Digital Charts
*numbers reflect digital sales which were left out of the original soundscan report

11/08 CND iTunes charts:
#1 Top Metal Chart
#3 Top Rock Chart
#21 Top 200 Current Chart

German Media Control Top 100 entry on pos. #80
Media Markt / Saturn Germany Chart entry on pos. #66

The band recently sat down with Hot Topic to discuss “Decas” and the interview can be viewed online at this location.