AS I LAY DYING Frontman Discusses ‘Decas’ Release In New Interview

Chad Bowar of Heavy Metal recently conducted an interview with vocalist Tim Lambesis of San Diego metallers AS I LAY DYING. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below. Heavy Metal: How did you decide on the tracks for “Decas”?

Tim Lambesis: We wanted to create something new for our fans while still covering our 10-year career. The first three songs represent where we’re at in our career now. Those new songs include the diversity of our sound from the really heavy side to one of the most melodic songs we’ve ever done. Then we pay tribute to what influenced us to play metal in the first place, so the cover songs come up next and include JUDAS PRIEST guitar melody, thrash from SLAYER, and simple raw energy from DESCENDENTS“Coffee Mug”. Lastly, we cover the previous five albums with a redone or remixed version of one song from each album. Heavy Metal: Were the three new songs left over from previous sessions, or did you record them specifically for this release?

Tim Lambesis: The first song, “Paralyzed”, was written at the very end of our recording of “The Powerless Rise”, but we didn’t have a chance to finish it. It isn’t really a b-side because it’s actually better than a lot of songs on that album. It’s more that it’s just from that era. The other two were written specifically for the “Decas” release. Heavy Metal: Ten years ago, did you see AS I LAY DYING having the level of success you’ve attained now?

Tim Lambesis: In the general sense I always viewed our style of music as extreme or part of underground music, to some degree. Of course there are plenty of more extreme bands who just want to be brutal, but I never thought that any band with yelling type vocals would be able to make a living solely playing music. For that reason, I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity that I have and the fans that support us. Now more than ever, we live in a world where fans can get the media they demand and don’t rely on radio for a clip of what they might like. I acknowledge that opened a lot of doors for us as well. Heavy Metal: Describe an interesting person you’ve met while on the road.

Tim Lambesis: Every bus driver we meet is an extremely unique person. They drive all night and sleep all day, so they usually talk my ear off if they can ever catch me in conversation. It’s impossible to fully describe any one of them without going on and on, but the irony is that it’s surprisingly easy to stereotype most of them by saying they are usually overweight white dudes who love energy drinks.

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“Electric Eye” (JUDAS PRIEST cover) audio stream (courtesy of AOL‘s Noisecreep):